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Who We Are

Rock4Food Trading is a Qatari company specializing in importing and distributing materials in the State of Qatar. The company also works in the import of fresh and preserved fruits and vegetables, frozen poultry and fodder.

The company is very much careful to select the high quality products, which is the main criterion on how we deal with our customers. The company has an experienced sales and marketing team to meet the needs of Qatari market, consumers and distributors.

Fresh food in qatar

Our Vision

Our vision is to seek the agencies with the highest quality products, import the best types of fresh frozen food items and distributing them in Qatar will be the preferred choice for our customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the relationship with customers by providing them with superior quality products and developing the companies services to meet the needs of the Qatari market, customers & distributors.

Our Objective

The company aims to satisfy its customers and meet their needs, provide value for the paid money and maintain the company's share in the market and work on the growth of that share.

Our Services

Working on supplying food to

  • Service and social institutions.
  • Hotels and restaurants.
  • Hospitality companies.
  • Food companies and hypermarkets.
  • Private and public sector institutions in the State of Qatar.

We import all foodstuffs with special prices from major food companies around all over the world.

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